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September 1, 2015
Wall Street Journal
Nevada’s Voucher Breakout
The hullabaloo over Common Core is obscuring some major school choice flashpoints in the states...   More

September 1, 2015
Orange County Register
School choice on trial in Nevada
Nevada adopted in June the most expansive school choice program in the country...   More

August 31, 2015
Wall Street Journal
Licenses to Kill
Liberals are slowly discovering that the regulatory state they helped create undermines job creation and income growth...   More

August 29, 2015
FOX News
Feds fighting to keep cash seized from person never charged with crime
Federal prosecutors are battling in court to keep $167,000 in cash seized in a 2013 traffic stop...   More

August 28, 2015
NICK SIBILLA: Mobile vendors have right to livelihood
Taking to Twitter Aug. 15, the San Bernardino Police Department posted photos of the latest government crackdown on illicit activity...   More

August 27, 2015
Associated Press
ACLU Sues To Block Sweeping Nevada Education Funding Program
A Nevada education funding program that's considered the nation's broadest school choice...   More

August 27, 2015
Washington Post
ACLU sues to stop Nevada’s new school voucher program
The American Civil Liberties Union is challenging the constitutionality of Nevada’s new school voucher program...   More

August 25, 2015
New Haven Register
Editorial: Eminent domain not the way to go for West Haven’s Haven South development
A battle is brewing in West Haven as a group of residents and business owners have formed a grass-roots group...   More

August 25, 2015
American Farm Publications Inc.
Congressmen to U.S. Treasury: Return Md. farmer’s seized cash
A Maryland dairy farmer who had money seized by the federal government three years ago after he said he unknowingly...   More

August 21, 2015
Criminalizing Poverty: How Government Works Against The Poor
In Texas, the City of Austin just launched a radio ad campaign to inform the public that, if they charge money to...   More