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The Institute for Justice is the National Law Firm for Liberty.

IJ litigates to limit the size and scope of government power and to ensure that all Americans have the right to control their own destinies as free and responsible members of society.

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Since 1991, IJ has come to the aid of individuals who want to do the simple things every American has the right to do—including own property, start and grow a business, speak freely about commerce or politics, and provide their children with a good education—but can’t because they find the government in their way.

The Institute for Justice combines cutting-edge litigation, sophisticated media relations, strategic research, boots-on-the-ground advocacy and much more to fight on behalf of those individuals who are denied their constitutional rights. Despite the challenge of taking on powerful government officials and entrenched precedents, IJ is successful in winning 70 percent of its cases in the court of law, in the court of public opinion or through legislative reforms.

Through 2015, IJ has litigated nearly 200 cases, including five before the U.S. Supreme Court. Of those five cases, IJ won four of the cases  before the Supreme Court and won the fifth case (the Kelo eminent domain case) in the court of public opinion.

Additionally, since its founding, the Institute for Justice has been an excellent steward of the resources entrusted to it by donors across the nation.  That is why IJ has earned Charity Navigator’s top 4-star rating every year since 2001, which puts the Institute for Justice in the highest one percentile of the more than 8,000 nonprofits ranked each year by Charity Navigator.

IJ’s headquarters are in Arlington, Va., and its five state offices are located strategically across the nation in Florida, Minnesota, Texas, Arizona and Washington state. Along with these offices, IJ’s Clinic on Entrepreneurship is located at the University of Chicago Law School. With these locations, IJ mobilizes quickly to advance its mission throughout America.

The Institute for Justice is a 501(c)(3) organization; donations are tax-deductible.

IJ By the Numbers

4 Litigation Pillars

  • Economic Liberty
  • Property Rights
  • School Choice
  • Free Speech


  • 92% from individuals
  • 8% from foundations

5 U.S. Supreme Court cases since 2002, including 4 victories

IJ is currently litigating 43 cases in 26 states and Washington, D.C.

  Active Cases |   Closed Cases

7 offices

95 employees, including 43 attorneys



1040 Partners giving $1,000 or more each year

Over 8,000 individual donors

= 25 donors

$20 million budget in FY16

FY15 Budget Breakdown

83%: Programs
10%: Management
7%: Development

75 legislative reforms secured

40 national awards for communications


Success Rate

Through litigation and legislation

IJ strategic research cited by the U.S. Supreme Court and in 162 articles in scholarly, law, and policy publications.

64 eminent domain projects and blight designations defeated by IJ activism.

Behind the Scenes at IJ

  • Team IJ

    IJ staff and guests at last week’s National Economic Liberty Forum.  Melony Armstrong (center) was the keynote speaker.

  • Forfeiture victory!

    IJ attorney Dan Alban with client Eh Wah and fellow bandmates. They partnered with IJ to challenge the  civil forfeiture of more than $53,000. The seized assets included cash donations made to a Thai orphanage and funds being raised for a school in Burma by the Klo & Kweh Music Team, a Christian rock band on a five-month tour of Karen churches across the U.S.  The money has now been returned.

  • IJ works with New Jersey home bakers

    New Jersey is one of two states that bans the sale of home-baked goods. IJ activists met with nearly 50 home bakers from the Garden State to discuss their right to economic liberty and formulate a plan to pass a bill currently pending in the state legislature which would allow these food entrepreneurs to get to work.

  • Oral Argument in Minn.

    IJ attorneys Anthony Sanders and Meagan Forbes with clients Jacki and Jason Wiebesick addressing the media after today’s oral argument in Minn.

  • Activism Team Victory

    With our Activism Team’s help, the Kentucky Senate just unanimously passed SB 269.  KY braiding entrepreneurs are required to obtain 1,800 hours of irrelevant cosmetology training in order to legally braid hair.  This bill would exempt braiders from that requirement.  On to the House! (pictured:  IJ’s Christina Walsh, the braiders, the bill sponsors, and AFP).

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