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The Institute is a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting individual liberty.  We represent individuals and owners of small businesses who want to sue the government when its laws violate their constitutional rights.  Our areas of expertise are:

  1. Economic liberty - challenges to occupational licensing regulations and government-created monopolies,
  2. School choice - defending parents’ use of vouchers and tax credits;
  3. Property rights - defending against unjustified takings of private property by the government in such areas as eminent domain abuse and civil forfeiture.
  4. Free speech - defending the right to speak about politics and commerce.

There are many areas in which we do not litigate.  Specifically, we do NOT represent individuals in:

  1. Criminal cases and petitions for writ of habeas corpus
  2. Police and prisoner brutality claims;
  3. Family law, divorce, maintenance or custody issues,
  4. Disputes with social services agencies;
  5. Employment law or harassment claims;
  6. Homeowners Association claims or
  7. Any suit in which both parties are private individuals or businesses.  (The government is one of the parties in all our lawsuits.)

Due to the large volume of potential case forms that we receive, the Institute for Justice will NOT be able to respond to each and every potential case.  We will address only those small number of potential cases that fit within our core areas and that our limited resources allow.  Please refrain from contacting us regarding the status of your case form. If we might be able to become involved in your potential case, we will be in touch with you to follow up.

In addition to sending us the potential case form, you may send us documents that you think are important for our review of your situation. Please only send truly important documents so that we are not overwhelmed with paper in our review of your case. Also, DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS, ONLY COPIES. Due to the very large volume of case inquiries, we cannot return documents to you and we do not keep documents if we determine we cannot assist you.

We thank you in advance and wish you the best of luck.

If your situation falls within one of our areas of expertise download either this  or  fill it in, and mail it to:

Case Investigations at Institute for Justice
901 N. Glebe Road
Suite 900
Arlington, VA 22203

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