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The Maffucci Fellowship is one of the best opportunities in the liberty movement for students and recent graduates to turn their passion into concrete results. Although IJ is best known for its litigation, our grassroots activism program—Liberty in Action—plays a crucial role both in the cases we litigate and in situations where the problem demands a different approach. IJ’s Maffucci fellows are a critical part of that process. On the activism team we attack government abuses head on, put boots on the ground, and mobilize people to defend themselves. We take would-be victims of government bullying and turn them into advocates for limited government. As a Maffucci fellow, you’ll have the opportunity to dive headfirst into the fight for liberty in a tangible and engaging way.

As a fellow, I had the opportunity to work on cases spanning the IJ spectrum. This has included helping to organize Chicago street vendors to combat burdensome laws designed to shut them down, helping lower-income students apply for the District of Columbia’s school choice program, and mobilizing business owners and residents in New Rochelle, New York, threatened by eminent domain abuse. The most striking aspect of working in activism is the ability to hear about a problem, devise a strategy to attack it, execute it, and actually see the resolution and the lives helped through our work.

Our victory in Charlestown, Indiana, is the case that most resonated with me and made me proud to be a Maffucci Fellow and a part of IJ. I witnessed how the entire IJ machine, starting with activism, revved up and dedicated itself to saving the homes of hundreds of people through the power of grassroots organizing. When all was said and done, we had turned what could have been an unnoticed government land grab in a small town into a national story—and we won! We gave the residents a voice and we gave them hope. It is moments like this that demonstrate the power of IJ-style activism.

If you want to roll up your sleeves and put your passion for liberty into action, then the Maffucci Fellowship is the best place to start.

— Javier Sosa

Javier Sosa is a former Maffucci Fellow at the Institute for Justice

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