It’s Time to Legalize Airbnb in New York City

Short-term rental sites like Airbnb have taken off. These sites allow people to rent out their homes, apartments (or even castles) for short periods. It’s a win-win. Homeowners and renters can earn some extra money on the side, while tourists get a cheaper place to stay.

In addition to generating $632 million in economic activity in New York city last year, thousands have written about how the company has fostered a sense of community, led to new friendships and improved people’s lives.

But in New York City, many Airbnb rentals are actually illegal. The city bans renting out your property for less than a month. One host, Nigel Warren, even faced $30,000 in fines for renting his apartment on Airbnb, but he later won his case on a technicality. This needs to change.

With your support, we can end the ban. Hundreds of thousands of people have already signed up, epxressing their desire to fix the Big Apple’s rotten law.

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