PA: Make Food Trucks Legal in York

In the small but vibrant city of York, Pennsylvania, there’s a large creative scene and a strong sense of local pride. One might assume that the food-truck scene would be equally vibrant. It’s not for a lack of talent: the laws on mobile vending lag way behind other cities that have embraced food trucks. Incredibly, food trucks can only vend at construction sites. York recently relaxed its laws on food carts: the current law allows only one food cart but in 2015, the city will allow 26 carts to operate.

Still, it’s like the food-truck revolution never happened. Tell York’s City Council that you want greater lunchtime options and to free the food trucks.

Read on to learn more about the changes that are needed in York:

In December 2013, the city tried to refresh its laws on mobile vendors, but the “updated” code would have banned food trucks and only allowed food carts, confined mobile vendors to a small part of the city, prevented them from operating within 200 feet of each other, and artificially limited the number of carts to six. In other words, the new law would have been unconstitutional and an illegitimate use of government power. All street vendors—like all entrepreneurs—have the constitutional right to earn an honest living, free from arbitrary, burdensome, and anti-competitive regulation.

Teaming up with the Central Pennsylvania Mobile Food Association, the Institute for Justice sent a stern letter to the city council opposing the protectionist measures in the “updated” bill. The bill was tabled and is now before a study committee.

The Central Pennsylvania Mobile Food Association is a group of small business entrepreneurs who provide a diverse and eclectic variety of high quality food at affordable prices from a mobile platform. Mobile food vendors formed the association to address the impact this new food delivery concept is having on Central Pennsylvania, to ensure that mobile vending’s continued growth is a positive addition to the local economy, and to provide a source of information in the ongoing discussions.

To join the association, please contact: CentralpennsylvaniaMFA@gmail.comEmail us for a free “Legalize Street Food” sticker.

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