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Entrepreneur's Survival Guide

How to Succeed in Your Fight for Economic Liberty


Food-Truck Freedom

How to Build Better Food-Truck Laws in Your City


Seven Myths and Realities about Food Trucks

Why the Facts Support Food-Truck Freedom

Streets of Dreams: How Cities Can Create Economic Opportunity by Knocking Down Protectionist Barriers to Street Vending

By Erin Norman, Robert Frommer, Bert Gall and Lisa Knepper
July 2011

policing for profit

Policing for Profit: The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture


License to Work

License to Work: A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing

By Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D., Lisa Knepper, Angela C. Erickson and John K. Ross
May 2012

City Studies on Entrepreneurship

City Studies

Government Barriers to Entrepreneurship in 8 US Cities 

Eminent Domain Survival Guide  

Eminent Domain Abuse Survival Guide

Activists nationwide have used the Eminent Domain Abuse Survival Guide to successfully fight illegitimate land-grabs. Expanding on the most effective practical strategies to protect your property outside of the courtroom, the Survival Guide is designed to be a comprehensive roadmap for any grassroots battle against eminent domain for private development.

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Manual de Supervivencia para proteger con éxito sus hogares y pequeños negocios del uso abusivo del dominio eminente  

Manual de Supervivencia contra el Uso Abusivo del Dominio Eminente; Estrategias de base para ganar la batalla contra el uso abusivo del dominio eminente

(Spanish Language Survival Guide)

50 state report card on eminent domain since Kelo  

50 State Report Card

Tracking Eminent Domain Reform Legislation since Kelo

Victimizing the Vulnerable  

Victimizing the Vulnerable

The Demographics of Eminent Domain Abuse

Doomsday? No Way: Economic Trends Post-Kelo  

Doomsday?  No Way

Economic Trends and Post-Kelo Eminent Domain Reform


Eminent Domain & African Americans:  What is the Price of the Commons?

By Mindy Thompson Fullilove, MD

Curt Pringle

Development Without Eminent Domain:  Foundation of Freedom Inspires Urban Growth

By Curt Pringle, Mayor of the City of Anaheim

Simplify Dont Subsidize

Simplify, Don’t Subsidize:  The Right Way to Support Private Development

By Doug Kaplan, co-founder of Lomak Property Group, Inc.

The truth about Times Square by William J. Stern

The Truth About Times Square

By William J. Stern

Building Empires and Destroying Homes

Building Empires, Destroying Homes:  Eminent Domain Abuse in New York

California Scheming Eminent Domain in California

California Scheming:  What Every Californian Should Know About Eminent Domain Abuse

Myths and Realities of Eminent Domain Abuse

Myths and Realities of Eminent Domain Abuse

In the debate over eminent domain abuse, municipalities and developers often advance myths in defense of the government’s use of this power for private commercial development. response to those myths, the Castle Coalition offers something far more compelling—the truth.

Redevelopment Wrecks

Redevelopment Wrecks

20 Failed Projects Involving Eminent Domain Abuse

Legalize Street Food sticker

Legalize Street Food/Legalize Street Vending stickers and truck decals
Hands Off My Home t-shirt
Stop Eminent Domain Abuse t-shirt
Stop Eminent Domain Abuse sticker
Stop Eminent Domain Abuse poster
Hands Off My Home poster
Hands Off My Business poster

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