WA: Spokane: Near Nature, Near Perfect. Well, Almost.

The city of Spokane prides itself on its outstanding nature. But the city motto, Near Nature, Near Perfect, isn’t quite right. While the city is located on the Spokane River and the climate couldn’t be lovelier, the business climate is nowhere near perfect for its mobile entrepreneurs in the great outdoors.

After more than a year of review, the Spokane City Council finally introduced a long overdue food-truck bill—but much to the disappointment of food truck owners and their loyal customers, it is anti-competitive and will hurt the growing industry. The proposed ordinance makes it illegal for food trucks to park within 75 feet of a restaurant without the owner’s written consent, which is clearly intended to protect brick-and-mortar restaurants from competition.

Food trucks should be allowed to park anywhere it is safe to do so, regardless of their proximity to a restaurant. And city council wants to require food trucks to secure the written consent of owners of adjoining private property, another unconstitutional measure meant to protect established businesses. Restaurants don’t have to obtain permission from adjoining businesses in order to open. Neither should food trucks.

Take action now: Sign this petition to urge the Spokane City Council to treat all businesses equally—both stationary and mobile.

The Greater Spokane Food Truck Association has convinced city council to table the current bill for a month while the body mulls over the proposal.
Spokane’s food-truck entrepreneurs deserve a bill that allows food trucks to compete for customers just like any other business.

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