Boot Camp Application: Graduate Students

Apply for the 2014 Public Interest Boot Camp; July 25 - 27th, 2014 in Arlington, Virginia.
Graduate student applications due April 18, 2014.

New in 2014, the Institute for Justice is inviting select Ph.D. and master’s students in the social sciences to our acclaimed weekend conference for law students, the Public Interest Boot Camp. The annual conference covers IJ’s four litigation pillars—First Amendment rights, school choice, economic liberty and private property rights—as well as natural rights theory, public choice theory, cutting-edge constitutional theories and media skills. For students of the social sciences, the conference will offer an opportunity to explore legal perspectives on major social issues with IJ attorneys and leading legal experts, such as Randy Barnett, Roger Pilon and Todd Zywicki. Separate breakout sessions for graduate students, presented by IJ and social science scholars, will address the intersection of the law and social sciences and how to apply the tools of research to vital legal questions.

The 2014 Public Interest Boot Camp will be July 25-27. Applications for graduate students are due April 18. Accommodations and reasonable travel expenses are provided for all accepted students.

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Attendance is limited. To assist in selecting from many qualified applicants, please provide a brief answer (no more than a paragraph) to 3 of the 6 questions below:
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  2. Name one scholar that has influenced you in your scholarly ambitions and why.
  3. How and why did you become interested in the intersection of law and the social sciences?
  4. Why do you want to attend IJ's law student conference?
  5. What are your career aspirations?
  6. If applicable, please describe a research project you are working on or planning that is relevant to IJ’s conference.
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