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"The Institute for Justice has become a major pillar of our free society. 
In area after area—economic liberty, school choice, private property rights—
it has provided legal defense against assaults on human freedom. 
In the process, it has strengthened and deepened liberty."
—Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman

The Institute for Justice is the nation's premier libertarian public interest law firm. We are in the courts of law across this country winning cases, preserving freedom of opportunity and challenging government's control over our lives. The cases selected for our litigation focus on generating, developing and filing lawsuits that not only follow the strategic litigation blueprints laid down prior to our opening, but also those that take advantage of unanticipated opportunities to advance and defend freedom. In all such instances, we advance a tactically and philosophically consistent, long-term strategy.

The clients we represent are sorely aggrieved by government, and their plights give poignant life to complex legal and philosophical issues that frequently fail on politics rather than succeed on principle. The case profiles (organized by category) below illustrate the type of litigation the Institute for Justice pursues.

IJ litigates:


Economic Liberty
Private Property Rights
School Choice
First Amendment

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