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The IJ Clinic is a joint project of the Institute for Justice, the nation's premier public interest advocate for economic liberty, and The University of Chicago Law School, one of the world's leading legal academies. The IJ Clinic teams lower-income entrepreneurs with some of the nation’s brightest law students to provide entry-level business people with the legal support they need to pursue their dreams.

Whether you are a prospective client, a current or prospective student at the University of Chicago Law School, or friend of either the Institute for Justice or the Law School, we encourage you to learn more about the IJ Clinic through this site, our newly revised Chicago City Study, or you can email us at clinic@ij.org.


 To secure and expand economic liberty in inner-city Chicago, the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship provides legal representation to entrepreneurs, educates and inspires law students through real-world experience, and advocates for greater appreciation of entrepreneurship.


Three key initiatives:

Assistance for Entrepreneurs:  To provide high quality legal representation to aspiring entry-level entrepreneurs on transactional matters;


Educating Law Students:  To educate, train and inspire law students at the University of Chicago Law School to be advocates of entrepreneurs; and


Advocating Economic Liberty:  To advocate for economic liberty and inner-city entrepreneurship as vital forces that hold the power to transform individuals, their families and communities.

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