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“The Institute for Justice [is a] merry band of libertarian litigators in Washington
who fight for economic rights wherever they are menaced.”
—George F. Will

Are you looking for a rewarding and consistent way to support IJ’s work?  Become a member of our Merry Band of Monthly Donors and stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients every month of the year.

IJ’s monthly donors are dedicated friends like you who make pre-determined gifts each month via an electronic charge to their credit card or bank account.

Joining the Merry Band of Monthly Donors has numerous advantages for both you and IJ:

  • It’s easy to join.  Simply enroll online using our secure form or by mail.
  • It’s convenient.  Direct payment options automate your giving so you never have to write a check again.
  • It’s flexible.  You can opt-out of the program, or increase, decrease, or suspend your monthly gifts at any time by contacting Sarah Lockwood at IJ at (703) 682-9320 ext. 239 or  You can also contact Sarah to set up your gift over the phone if you’d prefer not to do it online or through the mail.
  • It saves resources.  You save on postage, checks, and envelopes, and we save on administrative costs for processing donations.  It’s the best way to have more of your money go directly to our fight for freedom.
  • It’s affordable.  Many donors find they can give cumulatively more each year without straining finances in any given month.
  • It’s rewarding.  It feels great to make a constant difference for our clients and others like them.  Here at IJ, we believe in changing the world through long-term, strategic litigation.  Monthly givers allow us to focus on the future by providing a reliable source of income. 

If IJ’s Monthly Giving Program sounds right for you, just fill out this form and select “Monthly” for your gift.  Or you can sign up by mail.

Thank you very much!  We hope to welcome you soon as the newest member of IJ’s Merry Band of Monthly Donors!

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