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IJ's Food Freedom Initiative

IJ's National Food Freedom Initiative is a nationwide campaign created to bring property rights, economic liberty and free speech challenges to laws that interfere with the ability of Americans to produce, market, procure, and consume the foods of their choice.  

Through these and future cases, IJ’s National Food Freedom Initiative will end unreasonable and intrusive governmental interference with our food choices and usher in real food freedom for all Americans.


Report: The Attack on Food Freedom

The Attack on Food Freedom—the first in a new series of independently authored reports published by the Institute for Justice, “Perspectives on Economic Liberty”—discusses this assault on food freedom and economic liberty, and identifies three ways in which government regulators undermine both rights: overzealous food safety regulations, bureaucratic hoops, and the “new” public health.

Authors Baylen Linnekin (Keep Food Legal) and Michael Bachmann trace the intricate history of food freedom from the colonial-era Sugar Act to a currently pending court case.  Today’s bans and strict regulations ultimately limit the choices of everyone who eats and, in the process, prevent food entrepreneurs from earning an honest living.

The assault on food freedom and economic liberty must stop. Read this report to learn more, and visit ij.org/action for what you can do about it.


Press Releases Related IJ Cases
CENSORED: Small Creamery Sues Florida Department of Agriculture (November 20, 2014) Florida Skim Milk - Ocheesee Creamery v. Putnam and Newton
New Report Documents the Attack on Food Freedom (June 19, 2014) Florida Vegetable Gardens – Ricketts v. Miami Shores
Oregon Farmer Wins Case Challenging Raw Milk Advertising Ban (Feburary 13, 2014) Oregon Raw Milk – Anderson v. Coba
The Government vs. Your Food: IJ Launches New National Food Freedom Initiative (November 19, 2013) Minnesota Cottage Foods – Jane Astramecki v. Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Texas Craft Beer – Live Oak Brewing et al. v. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

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