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The Institute for Justice records regular podcasts featuring interviews with both IJ clients and attorneys. We discuss the principles we fight for as we advance a rule of law under which individuals can control their destinies as free and responsible members of society.
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Short Circuit Episode 001 2-27-15

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IJ Update Episode 001 (Jan 2015)

The IJ Update is a roundup of recent victories, case launches, and other developments happening at the Institute for Justice.

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The Government’s War on Advice

Can the government throw you in jail just for giving advice? Institute for Justice Senior Attorney Jeff Rowes discusses three of our big free speech cases that are trying to protect Americans’ right to give advice.

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Chip Mellor on entrepreneurship, the early beginnings of IJ, and the fight for the American dream

IJ president and co-founder Chip Mellor discusses the Institute’s early history and how IJ became the national law firm for liberty. Guests: IJ President and General Counsel, Chip Mellor Host: Shira Rawlinson Length:28:08 Date: Dec 2012

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Fighting for educational reform against the teachers unions

Across the country, school choice programs are giving parents--not bureaucrats--control over a child’s education.  But these programs have come under attack by teachers’ unions and their allies who seek to protect their self-interests over real K-12 education reform.  IJ senior attorneys and school-choice experts Dick Komer and Bert Gall discuss the history of school choice programs and how these programs are changing the lives of families across the nation. Guests: IJ Attorneys Dick Komer and Bert Gall Host: Shira Rawlinson Length:22:45 Date: Aug 2012

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