Brooklyn, N.Y., Eminent Domain Abuse

Goldstein v. New York State Urban Development Corporation (Amicus Brief) 
If you own a piece of property in New York, you should care deeply about a case about to be argued before the state’s highest court.

Goldstein v. New York State Urban Development Corporation—a challenge to New York’s controversial use of eminent domain to hand privately owned businesses and homes in Brooklyn over to private developer Forest City Ratner as part of the Atlantic Yards development—could impact the rights of anyone who owns property in the Empire State.  This will be the first time the State Court of Appeals—New York’s highest court—considers limits on the use of eminent domain since the infamous 2005 Kelo v. City of New London eminent domain case before the U.S. Supreme Court, which allowed eminent domain for private development and sparked a nationwide backlash.  The court will hear oral arguments in the case in Albany on October 14, at 2 p.m.


Essential Background


Latest Release: New York High Court Upholds Eminent Domain for Private Gain (November 24, 2009)

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Download: Institute for Justice N.Y. Supreme Court Amicus (September 2009)


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Release: Upcoming Eminent Domain Case Could Impact All New York Property Owners; Institute for Justice Asks State’s Highest Court To Stamp Out Eminent Domain for Private Gain (September 22, 2009)


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Article: New York: Building Empires, Destroying Homes Through Eminent Domain Abuse Liberty & Law (February 2010)

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