IJ Listed as Top-10 Charity by Financial News Site TheStreet.com



Jim Cramer’s TheStreet.com has named IJ one of its 10 Best Charities for Christmas 2013!

The Mad Money guru recognized IJ’s excellent mission and management.  The site said:

“First up, we've got the Institute for Justice, a non-profit civil liberties law firm with a central office in Washington D.C. and five regional offices across the U.S. Founded in 1991, the charity is involved in court litigation, as well as training law students, lawyers and policy activists in public interest law.”

Charity Navigator

“Based on data from Charity Navigator, the firm has achieved the highest rating for fiscal responsibility and excellence for 12 consecutive years.  For fiscal 2012, of the $19.78 million raised, 83.5% went directly towards delivering its services and only 9.3% towards administrative expenses.”

Donate to IJ today and keep help keep the flame of freedom burning bright!


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