Help Protect Masters-Level Psychologists

Psychologists with doctoral degrees are attempting to eliminate masters-level psychology in Michigan in order to protect their industry from competition. This is bad for consumers and bad for Michigan.

Voice your opposition to S.B. 273 by visiting Unite! Michigan Masters in Psychology.

In Michigan, a bill threatens to eliminate the practice of masters-level psychology by re-defining the practice of psychology as a doctorate-only level profession. S.B. 273 would create a new license for “’psychological associates” and limit their scope of practice.

S.B. 273 is a jobs-killing bill. 

The legislation will prevent a qualified, licensed workforce from providing mental health services to the public—all at the behest of industry insiders who are trying to protect their turf. There is no health or safety reason to change the current licensure structure. No consumer is claiming a health or safety risk with the way masters-level psychologists are currently licensed.

The new title of “psychological associate” holds neither recognition nor reputation and will be confusing to the public. Licensed social workers, licensed professional counselors, physicians, etc. currently use the term “psychologist” and bill insurance companies for psychological services.

S.B. 273 will restrict consumer choice in the marketplace, decrease competition, and raise the costs of providing services to the public. Currently, masters-level psychologists service the needs of the most underserved and vulnerable members of the community in Michigan.

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