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“The Institute for Justice has made a name for itself in Minnesota taking on regulations that it thinks impinge on property rights and economic liberty - and that usually has meant taking on the government.”
—Minnesota Lawyer 
IJ-MN clients the Bergmann family.
IJ-MN client Lillian Anderson and crew.

The Institute for Justice arrived in Minnesota in 2005 and hit the ground running, racking up victories in the court of law as well as the court of public opinion.

For instance, after listening to a proposal from IJ-MN, the city of Minneapolis removed an artificial government-imposed cap on the number of taxis legally permitted to operate within city limits. The Institute successfully defended the free-market, consumer-friendly reforms in court after a lawsuit was brought by the established taxicab cartel.

Similarly in 2008, the State of Minnesota deregulated the intrastate household goods movers industry.  The office led the lobbying effort that eliminated barriers to entry and the use of limits on geographic service areas. 

IJ-MN lawsuits have also successfully knocked down irrational regulations on hairbraiding, sign hanging and interstate trash hauling. On First Amendment grounds, the group overturned a state regulation that prohibited consumers from placing Internet orders for wine to be delivered to their homes.

Private property rights received a tremendous boost in Minnesota when IJ-MN formed a diverse coalition of 22 groups-from the NAACP to Christian evangelicals. The coalition successfully proposed and lobbied for a radical reduction of the power of government bureaucrats to use eminent domain for private benefit, convincing Minnesota lawmakers-and Governor Tim Pawlenty-to pass substantial property rights reform.

The mission of IJ-MN is simple: to advance a rule of law under which Minnesotans and all Americans may realize their aspirations as free and responsible members of civil society. In doing so, the Institute protects the foundational rights of the American Dream: property rights, free speech, educational choice and economic liberty.



Directions to IJ-Minnesota office:

The Institute for Justice Minnesota office is located on the 16th Floor of the Rand Tower, at the corner of South 6th St. & Marquette Avenue, across the street (diagonally) from the Wells Fargo Tower in Minneapolis.

To determine a door-to-door route to IJ Minnesota State office, visit Google Maps and enter your starting address.

Institute for Justice Minnesota office
1600 Rand Tower
527 Marquette Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55402-1330 

Phone: (612) 435-3451
Fax: (612) 435-5875 

Law Student Clerkships:

To apply for semester clerkships in our Minnesota office, please submit a cover letter, resume and writing sample via email to asanders@ij.org.  If you are interested in applying for a summer clerkship please visit www.ij.org/students.


Guest Speaker Information:

If you would like to invite an Institute for Justice attorney to a debate or to speak to your group. please email activism@ij.org. To see if there are any events near you, go to our Speakers & Events page.


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