Minnesota Campaign Speech Limits- "Special Sources Limit" description


Seaton v. Wiener

Reduced Limit on Individual Contributions After Candidate Reaches Special Sources Limit



A. B. C.
  Starting Point. First Step: Triggering Event. Second Step: Resulting Change
Office Individuals Can Contribute up to this Amount to a Candidate:* Until Special Sources ** Contribute this Amount to the Candidate: Then the Limit on Individuals' Contribution is Reduced to:
  (Compare these amounts to Column A)
State House $1,000 $12,500  $500

State Senate $1,000 $18,000 $500

State Auditor and Secretary of State $2,000 $83,500 $1,000

Attorney General  $2,500 $125,200  $1,250

Governor/Lt. Governor  $4,000 $730,200 $2,000


* These are the limits in effect during the election segment of the election cycle. It is the two-year period beginning January 1st the year before the general election for the office and continuing until December 31 of the year of the election. There is also a non-election segment of the election cycle (not shown).  It is the two-year period before the election segment. During that period the limits in all three columns are different, except for the State House of Representatives.

** Special sources are all contributions from lobbyists, political funds, political committees, unregistered associations and individuals who give more than half the limits in column A.

The lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of Minnesota's law that reduces the limit on an individual's contribution from column A to column C once the candidate reaches the limits in column B because of the contributions by other (earlier) contributors.

Source: Minn. Stat. section 10A.27 subds. 1 and 11.
Minn. Stat. section 10A.25 subd. 2


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