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Georgia School Choice Quinones _MG_9882

School Choice Victory Keeps IJ’s Win Streak Alive

School choice is alive in Georgia! IJ recently scored a major courtroom victory in the Peach State on behalf of more than 13,000 students. These students rely on a school choice program to escape poorly performing public schools in favor of private schools that better meet their unique learning needs. Georgia’s school choice program is…


Kicking Government Out Of The Driver’s Seat

For the past 25 years, IJ has been at the forefront of transportation freedom, from opening up taxi markets in Denver, Cincinnati and Milwaukee to representing ridesharing drivers in Chicago. At the same time, we have worked tirelessly to find and strengthen unique provisions in state constitutions that provide even greater protection for individual liberty…


IJ Brings the Anti-Occupational Licensing Thunder to Congress

When members of the U.S. Congress wanted to learn about occupational licensing, they naturally turned to IJ. After all, for decades, IJ has led the fight against arbitrary and irrational licensing restrictions. So, in February 2016, IJ Attorney Robert Everett Johnson and IJ client Bill Main ventured to Capitol Hill to give Congress a piece…

Structuring Petitions Ken Quran IFJ_7284

Granted in Full: How Ken Quran Got Back His Retirement

“Is anyone expecting a fax from the IRS?” That question—sent around IJ’s offices by email—heralded a major break in the fight against civil forfeiture. The IRS had agreed to give back more than $150,000 taken from a North Carolina convenience store owner. And, in doing so, the IRS had opened a pathway for hundreds of…


IJ Is In the Rooms Where Forfeiture Reform Happens

When IJ talks, people listen—including state legislators wanting to reform forfeiture laws. Over the past two years, IJ successfully advocated for forfeiture reforms in Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada and the District of Columbia, as well as for the complete abolition of civil forfeiture in New Mexico. In 2016, IJ’s involvement in state reforms has grown.…

North Carolina Forfeiture Lyndon McLellan IFJ_7420

Court to IRS: Make This Right

Only a few weeks before the IRS gave Ken Quran his entire bank account back, IJ struck another blow in the fight against civil forfeiture. A federal judge in North Carolina ruled that the government would have to pay attorneys’ fees and interest to Lyndon McLellan, a convenience store owner who had $107,000 seized and…


Make Your Donation Go Further With Matching Gifts

Make your funds for freedom go even further! Thousands of organizations all over the country participate in matching gift programs that offer employees—and sometimes retirees and spouses—the opportunity to double or triple their tax-deductible charitable giving. It is a great way to help us advance liberty and bring more awareness to IJ’s work. You can…


Charleston Shows No Southern Hospitality for Tour Guides

Over the past eight years, IJ has filed four lawsuits challenging tour guide licensing schemes, winning three of those lawsuits in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Savannah, Georgia. But our fifth case, in Charleston, South Carolina, challenges probably the most outrageous tour guide licensing law IJ has seen. There are thousands of stories to be told…


The Right To Be Left Alone

 Your home is supposed to be your castle, regardless of whether you own it or rent it. You are free to leave dishes in the sink or clothes on the floor—unless you live in Golden Valley, Minnesota. This Minneapolis suburb has asked a state appellate court for a warrant to inspect the rental property of…

IJ clients Jeana and Jack Horner fought a civil forfeiture for more than nine months to get their two cars back. They won, and now they are suing to ensure that no one else will ever have to go through the same ordeal.

IJ Puts Policing for Profit on Trial in the Hoosier State

Over the past few years, readers of Liberty & Law have read story after story about how civil forfeiture not only allows law enforcement to seize property without convicting you of a crime but also gives agencies a direct financial incentive to take as much as possible. And civil forfeiture is a booming industry for…


Putting the Rational Basis Test to the Test

Four years ago, it would have been an unthinkable project: Convince a group of influential, widely respected constitutional scholars to write papers about whether the default standard of review in constitutional law is itself unconstitutional. Convince one of the most prestigious law schools in the country to host a symposium at which those papers are…


Liberty in Action Saves “Mayberry”

IJ’s activism team scored a huge victory for property rights when the town of Mount Airy, North Carolina, abolished its redevelopment commission and removed private properties from its redevelopment plans. Mount Airy is the basis for the fictional town of Mayberry, the setting of The Andy Griffith Show. It is a quiet town and was…


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