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Setting the Stage for the Future: From President to Board Chairman

Over the past 24 years, the Institute for Justice has grown into a formidable force for freedom. And—considering the size and scope of government power that we continue to fight at every level—it is a good thing we built IJ to last. So, as I transition from IJ’s president to its chairman of the board,…


Dear Kentucky: You Can’t Censor Speech.

A federal court in Kentucky gave the state psychology board some useful advice in September: Respect the First Amendment. That advice was part of an outstanding free-speech victory for IJ client John Rosemond, a nationally syndicated parenting columnist whose February 2013 column caught the attention of Kentucky psychology regulators. That column, which ran in the…


Mean Streets: IJ Challenges San Antonio’s Taco Truck Takedown

No one should need a competitor’s permission to operate a business. But for more than a decade, San Antonio has forced food trucks to do just that. The city bans food trucks from operating within 300 feet of any restaurant, convenience store or grocery store in the city. As a result, there are thousands of…


Upwardly Mobile: Street Vending and the American Dream

Every day, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs make their livings selling hot dogs, pretzels and other foods and goods on America’s streets and sidewalks. But reliable data about vendors and their economic contributions have been hard to come by—until now. This fall, IJ released a new strategic research report, Upwardly Mobile: Street Vending and the…

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A Monumental Step Forward In Civil Forfeiture Research

Five years ago, IJ’s strategic research program set the standard for civil forfeiture research with Policing for Profit: The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture. That report helped put the issue on the map and quickly became the go-to source for journalists, advocates and policymakers. Now we have raised the bar. The second edition of Policing…


IJ Receives Charity Navigator’s Highest Rating 14 Years Running

This November, for the 14th consecutive year, IJ earned Charity Navigator’s highest rating—four-stars—for financial health, accountability and transparency.   As Charity Navigator puts it: “Less than 1% of the charities we rate have received at least 14 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Institute for Justice outperforms most other charities in America. This ‘exceptional’ designation from…


Small Town Uses Code Enforcement Laws For Big Payoffs

Pagedale, Missouri, is a lower-income city outside St. Louis with about 3,300 residents. For many in Pagedale, trying to stay afloat is an everyday struggle. But the local government’s budget relies heavily on revenue from fines and fees levied against its residents for harmless activities, such as having a barbecue in their front yard or…


VICTORY! Tour Guides in Savannah are Finally Free to Talk

Good news for free speech in Savannah. Regular readers of Liberty & Law may recall that IJ filed suit almost one year ago on behalf of Savannah tour guides, including “Savannah Dan” and “Savannah Belle,” challenging the requirement that guides obtain a government license before telling their stories. In response to our lawsuit, Savannah has…


IJ Clinic Serves Economic Liberty To Street Vendors in Chicago

Street vending in Chicago is finally legal. Three years ago, the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship started tirelessly mobilizing vendors across the city and meeting with city leaders to find a way to bring food cart vendors out of the shadow economy and turn aspiring vendors into successful entrepreneurs. It was illegal for pushcart vendors to…


Untangling Hair Braiders From Iowa’s Irrational Licensing Laws

Iowa’s licensing laws are among the worst in the nation. From athletic trainers to travel agents to makeup artists, Iowa licenses a larger share of its workers than any other state. It is no surprise then that when it comes to African-style hair braiders, Iowa has the most burdensome licensing laws in the nation. Liberty…


Introducing the new

Since 1996, has served as the digital home of the Institute for Justice. Since then, millions of people have visited to find out about our cases, watch our award-winning videos, download our strategic research reports and support our activism projects. In 2010, we even won a prestigious Webby People’s Voice Award, often called…


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