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A Texas-Sized VICTORY For Economic Liberty

In a sweeping decision with major implications for entrepreneurs in Texas and across the nation, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that economic regulations will no longer be rubber-stamped. Indeed, the court, and most notably a resounding concurring opinion by Justice Don Willett, expressly rejected the passive judicial deference that too many other courts follow when…


Fast and Furious: IJ Fights—and Wins—Taxi Cap Battle in Ohio

Before he founded Green Cab, longtime Ohio entrepreneur John Rinaldi was more of a businessman than a taxi expert. As a result, he built a taxi company that looks a little different from the norm. Where most taxi companies rely on centralized telephone dispatching, John automated the process with software that tracks how busy each…

Intellectual Ammunition for Reform

From statehouses to the halls of Congress, IJ’s strategic research has been providing intellectual ammunition for freedom-friendly reforms, most notably efforts to rein in civil forfeiture and scale back out-of-control occupational licensing. Hard facts—like the scope of civil forfeiture actions and the burdens licensing laws impose on entrepreneurs—can help raise the profile of issues and…


Carving Economic Liberty in Stone

Political favors for industry insiders may be business as usual in New Jersey, but a law that the Monument Builders Association of New Jersey just rammed through the New Jersey Legislature is one of the most egregious violations of economic liberty in the country. This law outlaws religious cemeteries from selling headstones to their own…


Government to Air Travelers: Sit Back, Give Us Your Cash and Enjoy Your Flight

Readers of Liberty & Law are familiar with IJ’s civil forfeiture work representing property owners and small business owners. But if you are a frequent flyer, you might be surprised to learn that law enforcement can use civil forfeiture to seize your cash in airports. Charles Clarke is one of thousands of Americans whose cash…


Dear IRS: Give the Money Back

If you take something that does not belong to you, you give it back. That lesson of basic kindergarten ethics is the subject of an advanced legal strategy IJ is using to get Khalid “Ken” Quran’s money back after it was seized by the IRS using civil forfeiture. Ken came to America with only $3,000…


Summer in the City, Public Interest Style

Summertime means BBQs, ice cream and lots of time hanging by the pool. But if you are a law student interested in public interest litigation, it could mean a weekend learning how to be the most effective advocate for liberty at IJ and beyond. This summer, we have 29 clerks and interns working across IJ’s…


IJ’s Legislative Team Spreads Liberty Coast to Coast

This year has been a banner year for IJ’s legislative team. Since January, 17 pieces of legislation in 13 states have been enacted to deregulate occupations, repeal restrictions on free speech, expand school choice programs and scale back law enforcement’s use of civil forfeiture. Many times, IJ’s lawsuits spur states into taking action on their…


Join the Merry Band of Monthly Donors

Are you looking for a rewarding and convenient way to support IJ? Consider joining our Merry Band of Monthly Donors! IJ’s Merry Band is a special group of donors who stand shoulder to shoulder with IJ clients every month of the year. These consistent supporters provide the steady income we need to ensure that IJ…

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KELO: What a Difference a Decade Makes

It seems hard to believe that the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its infamous decision in Kelo v. New London a decade ago. And since that decision and since the momentum we built across the U.S., IJ has taken our unique way of using litigation, communications and activism to all four of our pillars. Our…


From Castle Coalition to Liberty in Action

“A man’s home is his castle.” Inspired by this sentiment, in 2002, IJ created the Castle Coalition, a nationwide network of citizen advocates, to protect the thousands of home and small business owners targeted by local governments with eminent domain for private development. Using grassroots activism, the Castle Coalition defeated many illegitimate land grabs across…


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