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IJ Sues to Defend Against Free Speech Attack

If you want to talk about politics in Colorado, you had better have a defense attorney on speed dial. That is because, unlike most states, Colorado has outsourced the enforcement of its complex system of campaign finance laws to every disgruntled politico with an ax to grind. The all-too-predictable result is that these laws are…


Policing the Police in New Mexico

When important changes in the law occur, it can be tempting to declare victory and go home. But that has never been the IJ way. We are in it for the long haul and always make sure that pro-freedom reforms have their desired effect, as our latest lawsuit in New Mexico demonstrates. Liberty & Law…


Support IJ in the Long Term by Planning Now

Are you looking for a no-hassle way to support IJ? How about one that costs you nothing now? A bequest—that is, a gift through a will or living trust—is the easiest and most common way to include a charity in your long-term financial planning. At the same time, these gifts are vitally important to IJ’s…

san-antonio-food-trucks-texas-Rafael_Lopez IFJ_5983

A Hair Braider, Eyebrow Threader And Food-Cart Owner Walk Into IJ…

The hallmark of IJ’s economic liberty litigation has always been our strategic vision. We win victories for our clients, yes, but we are always after bigger game: We are trying to build a rule of law that protects the right of everyone to earn an honest living free from unnecessary government interference. We fight for…


Milwaukee Taxi Drivers Defeat Monopoly

Monopolists do not like giving up their monopolies—and that has been especially true in IJ’s four-year battle against Milwaukee’s taxi cartel. IJ first challenged the city’s rigid cap on taxi permits in 2011. Two years later, we won when a federal court ruled the cap unconstitutional. In response to this ruling, Milwaukee lifted the cap…


IJ Brings Taxi Freedom To San Diego

Let the taxis roll! In November 2015, a San Diego judge handed IJ another transportation victory when he ruled that the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) could abolish a 30-year-old cap on the number of taxi permits in the city. A group of established cab companies had sued, claiming that MTS needed to do a pointless…


Free the Cookies, Expand Economic Liberty

The latest case in IJ’s National Food Freedom Initiative takes us to Wisconsin, where government officials are hard at work protecting the public from the menace of homemade cookies. Yup . . . cookies. Wisconsin is one of only two states in the nation to completely ban the sale of home-baked goods—even those the government…


Big Sky Country Is School Choice Country

2015 was a busy time for IJ’s school choice team. We had two major victories from the Alabama and North Carolina Supreme Courts, five states enacted new choice programs and we stepped in to defend one of those new programs from attack in Nevada. 2016 is showing no signs of a school choice slowdown. After…


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