It’s Time to Legalize Airbnb in New York City

Short-term rental sites like Airbnb have taken off. These sites allow people to rent out their homes, apartments (or even castles) for short periods. It’s a win-win. Homeowners and renters can earn some extra money on the side, while tourists get a cheaper place to stay. Airbnb even generated $1 billion in economic activity to New York State last year.

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Peers, a grassroots activist group, has all sorts of stories on how sites like Airbnb have fostered a sense of community, led to new friendships and improved people’s lives.

No wonder these sites are so popular. Airbnb has over half a million listings worldwide. A poll from last year found 84% of Americans want to legalize short-term rentals.

But in New York City, many Airbnb rentals are actually illegal. The city bans renting out your property for less than a month. Nigel Warren even faced $30,000 in fines for renting his apartment on Airbnb, but he later won his case on a technicality.

This needs to change.

With your support, we can end the ban. Hundreds of thousands of people are already working to fix New York City’s law.

Last December, Peers delivered a petition with over 230,000 signatures to the state senator who wrote the law criminalizing many Airbnb rentals.

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