Free Akron’s Food Trucks

Food trucks are banned in Akron, Ohio. That means innovative entrepreneurs like the owners of Streat Mobile BistroThe Orange Trük and Zydeco Bistro can’t serve their delicious fare to eager Akron customers. The Institute for Justice teamed up with local food trucks to form the Greater Akron Food Truck Coalition:

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The Greater Akron Food Truck Coalition advocates for laws that will allow food trucks to operate in Akron—free from arbitrary and anti-competitive restrictions—and ensure that food trucks meet the same health and safety standards as brick-and-mortar restaurants. This will allow the city to experience all of the many benefits that food trucks have to offer the communities they serve.

All these food truck owners want is the opportunity to operate and succeed in Akron - just like every other business. Food trucks are good for the community, are popular with customers and boost the local cuisine scene.

Email us in support of allowing food trucks to operate in Akron.

Show your support for Akron’s food trucks by signing up here.

Read more at the Beacon-Journal about the food truck study committee.

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