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  • September 29, 2016    |   School Choice

    Nevada Supreme Court Upholds the Nation’s Most Inclusive School Choice Program

    But Says Technical Fix Required Before Program Can Be Funded

    Arlington, Va.— Nevada’s sweeping school choice program may be constitutional, but families will still have to wait. This morning, the Nevada Supreme Court issued a consolidated decision in two landmark cases challenging the constitutionality of the nation’s first nearly-universal education savings account (ESA) program, and declared that the program passes constitutional muster. However, the Court…

  • September 29, 2016    |   Economic Liberty

    Arlington, Va.—Today, a Baltimore City Circuit Court judge denied the city’s motion to dismiss a constitutional challenge to a law that makes it illegal for mobile vendors to operate within 300 feet of any brick-and-mortar business that sells primarily the same product or service. This law has made it nearly impossible for the city’s mobile…

  • September 28, 2016    |   Private Property

    Arlington, Va.—Can government officials throw you out of your home just because a private developer tells them to? That is the question asked by a major constitutional lawsuit filed by the Institute for Justice (IJ) on behalf of West Haven resident Bob McGinnity and his family. The McGinnity family has been in West Haven for…

  • September 21, 2016    |   Economic Liberty

    Federal Court Upholds Missouri Hair Braiding Licensing Scheme

    St. Louis Hair Braiders Will Appeal Decision

    St. Louis, Missouri—Late yesterday, a federal district court upheld Missouri’s requirement that African-style braiders spend thousands of dollars on 1,500 hours of irrelevant training before they can work, declaring “the State of Missouri is free to engage in ‘rational speculation unsupported by evidence.’” Joba Niang and Tameka Stigers—both St. Louis-area African-style hair braiders represented by…

  • September 9, 2016    |   First Amendment

    Colorado Supreme Court Will Hear Free Speech Appeal

    Court Will Decide if Speakers Can Rely on Pro Bono Legal Help When Talking About Politics

    Arlington, Va.—In a case that will have major implications for political speech across the state, the Colorado Supreme Court agreed yesterday to decide whether legal aid for political speakers can be regulated as a political “contribution.”  Representing Coloradans for a Better Future (CBF)—a political group that spoke out in the 2012 Board of Regents race—the…

  • September 1, 2016    |   Economic Liberty

    IJ Asks Why

    New Report Outlines Seven Simple Steps Cities Can Take to Foster Economic Opportunity

    Arlington, Va.—On Monday, millions of Americans will celebrate the contributions that businesses and individuals have made to benefit the strength and prosperity of America’s economy. But for many other Americans who are locked out of the workforce due to arbitrary licensing, permitting or other unjustified regulations, Labor Day is another reminder that governments big and…

  • August 31, 2016    |   Private Property

    Innocent Car Owner Sues Albuquerque to End Civil Forfeiture Once and For All

    Despite State Law Outlawing Civil Forfeiture, Albuquerque Continues to Seize and Sell Cars of Individuals Never Convicted of a Crime

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.—In 2015, New Mexico outlawed civil forfeiture, the controversial law enforcement practice of seizing and selling property without charging an individual with a crime, let alone convicting them of one. Despite that groundbreaking legislation, Albuquerque law enforcement officials continue to flagrantly disregard the law, and seize and sell hundreds of cars each year. Now,…

  • August 31, 2016    |   First Amendment

    Federal Lawsuit Challenges Government-Mandated Training for Political Speakers

    Alabama law requires out-of-state speakers to travel to Montgomery for training

    Arlington, Va.— Can Alabama require you to take a class on state ethics law in order to exercise your First Amendment rights? That is the question raised by a new federal lawsuit filed today by the Institute for Justice (IJ) on behalf of Maggie Ellinger-Locke and the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), which challenges an Alabama law…

  • August 25, 2016    |   Economic Liberty

    Victory for Texas Craft Breweries

    State Judge Strikes Down Law That Enriches Distributors at Brewers’ Expense

    Austin, TX.—Raise a glass to freedom: Today, a Texas state judge struck down a 2013 law that made it illegal for brewers to receive compensation from distributors for their territorial distribution rights, declaring that it violated the Texas Constitution. The law has forced brewers to give up millions of dollars of valuable property to politically…

  • August 25, 2016    |   Private Property

    Miami, Fla.—Today, in a blow to property rights, a judge with the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida has upheld the Village of Miami Shores’ ban on front-yard vegetable gardens. This means homeowners Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll—and others like them—will not be allowed to grow their garden to provide food for themselves. Hermine and Tom…

  • August 24, 2016    |   Private Property

    Sacramento, Calif.—Today, the California Senate voted to overhaul the state’s civil forfeiture laws by passing SB 443. The bill marks one of the nation’s most significant reforms of its kind. “Civil forfeiture is one of the most serious assaults on due process and private property rights in America today,” said Institute for Justice Legislative Counsel Lee…

  • August 24, 2016    |   Economic Liberty

    HHS Proposed Rule Costs Thousands of Americans Their Lives over the Past Three Years

    New Short Film Launched Today Spotlights Need for Compensating Bone Marrow Donors

    Arlington, Virginia—Many movies have the potential to change hearts and minds. But an award-winning short film making its public premiere today has the potential to change public policy and save as many as 3,000 American lives each year—and more across the globe. Everything—a 16-minute short narrative movie—examines the desperate moral choices a mother must make…

  • August 23, 2016    |   Private Property

    St. Paul, Minn.—Today, in a case expected to have statewide ramifications, the Minnesota Supreme Court agreed to hear a lawsuit challenging Golden Valley’s use of administrative warrants to force its way into the most private confines of renters’ homes, even when renters and landlords object to the search. “The Minnesota Supreme Court will now decide…

  • August 18, 2016    |   First Amendment

    Colorado Supreme Court Must Stand Up For Free Speech

    Recent Court of Appeals Ruling Disarms Political Speakers, Empowers Campaign Finance Bullies

    Arlington, Va.— A recent decision by the Colorado Court of Appeals will make it much harder for political speakers to get the legal help necessary to navigate Colorado’s campaign finance laws, threatening the First Amendment rights of hundreds of groups throughout the state. Now, Coloradans for a Better Future, a political group that spoke out in…

  • August 17, 2016

    Sick and Tired of American Politics? The Institute for Justice Offers an Antidote for Cynicism

    Now Marking Its 25th Anniversary, IJ Has Worked with the Left and the Right To Defend the Constitutional Rights of Ordinary Americans

    Despite suing only the government, IJ wins 7 out of 10 of its cases. IJ has put a number of issues on the national radar, including eminent domain, civil forfeiture, occupational licensing and school choice. IJ is laying the foundation for success in new cutting-edge areas of the law, such as occupational speech, judicial engagement,…

  • August 16, 2016    |   Private Property

    Georgia Land Grab: City Seeks to Bulldoze Family-owned Small Business

    Institute for Justice fights Elberton, Georgia’s Illegal Attempt to Use Eminent Domain to Seize and Destroy Family-owned Building

    The city of Elberton is threatening to use eminent domain to take a 567 square foot office building and turn it into a pedestrian walkway for a $5 million hotel. For nearly 20 years, Bob and Rina Thomas have operated their family-owned business from a small office building on the Public Square of Elberton, Georgia.…

  • August 15, 2016    |   Private Property

    Today, Institute for Justice Legislative Counsel Lee McGrath released the following statement on the California Assembly passing SB 443, an important reform of the state’s forfeiture laws: “Civil forfeiture is one of the most serious assaults on due process and private property rights in America today. Today’s vote means the Golden State is closer to better…

  • August 5, 2016    |   Private Property

    Judge Sides With Piano Man Against Government Land Grab

    New Jersey Judge Calls State Agency’s Attempt to Take Charlie Birnbaum’s Longtime Family Home a “Manifest Abuse” of Government Power

    Arlington, Va.— In a ruling that may bring an end to the years-long battle to save Charlie Birnbaum’s longtime family home from condemnation, Judge Julio Mendez today ruled that the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority’s attempt to take Birnbaum’s property was “a manifest abuse of the eminent domain power” and dismissed the state’s condemnation action once and…

  • August 4, 2016    |   Private Property

    Ogden Residents Unite to Fight City’s Bogus Blight Designation

    Oak Den Homeowners Will Host Press Conference to Announce Formation of Ogden Alliance Against Eminent Domain Abuse

    Tomorrow, a group of Ogden, Utah, residents working with the Institute for Justice, a national public interest law firm, will announce the formation of the Ogden Alliance Against Eminent Domain Abuse (Ogden Alliance), a new community group aimed at fighting the city’s illegitimate abuse of blight designations and eminent domain. The residents will also distribute…

  • August 2, 2016    |   Economic Liberty

    New Orleans, La.—Why is the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology requiring eyebrow threaders to spend 750 hours learning cosmetology techniques that threaders do not use? That is the question raised in a new lawsuit filed by the Institute for Justice (IJ), a national public interest law firm, on behalf of Lata Jagtiani of the Threading Studio…

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