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The Institute for Justice produces original research and its legal experts write reports to inform public policy debates on property rights. 


Strategic Research

Social science and policy research on IJ issues; often published and cited in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and other policy and legal publications

Seize First, Question Later: The IRS and Civil Forfeiture
By Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D. and Larry Salzman
February 2015 

Bad Apples or Bad Laws? Testing the Incentives of Civil Forfeiture
By Bart J. Wilson and Michael Preciado
September 2014 

A Stacked Deck: How Minnesota's Civil Forfeiture Laws Put Citizens' Property at Risk
By Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D., Lee McGrath and Angela C. Erickson
January 2013

Rotten Reporting in the Peach State: Civil Forfeiture in Georgia Leaves the Public in the Dark
By Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D. and Lee McGrath
January 2013

Arizona’s Profit Incentive in Civil Forfeiture: Dangerous for law enforcement; Dangerous for Arizonans
By Tim Keller, Diana Simpson and Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D.
December 2012 

Inequitable Justice: How Federal "Equitable Sharing" Encourages Local Police and Prosecutors to Evade State Civil Forfeiture Law for Financial Gain
By Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D., Larry Salzman and Lisa Knepper
October 2011

Public Opinion and Civil Forfeiture
June 2011

Forfeiting Accountability: Georgia's Law Enforcement's Hidden Civil Forfeiture Funds
By Erin Norman and Anthony Sanders
March 2011

Forfeiting Justice: How Texas Police and Prosecutors Cash In On Seized Property
By Scott Bullock and Dick M. Carpenter II
November 2010

Policing for Profit: The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture
By Marian R. Williams, Jefferson E. Holcomb, Tomislav V. Kovandzic and Scott Bullock
March 2010

Empire State Eminent Domain: Robin Hood in Reverse
By Dick M. Carpenter II and John K. Ross
January 2010

Doomsday? No Way: Economic Trends and Post-Kelo Eminent Domain Reform
By Dick M. Carpenter II and John K. Ross
January 2008

Victimizing the Vulnerable
The Demographics of Eminent Domain Abuse

By Dick M. Carpenter II and John K. Ross
June 2007



Legal and Policy Studies

Reports and commentaries on legal and policy issues by IJ legal experts
Little Pink House: A True Story of Defiance and Courage
By Scott Bullock and Jeff Benedict
Produced by the Center of the American Experiment
March 2010

Building Empires, Destroying Homes: Eminent Domain Abuse in New York
October 2009

The Dirty Dozen: How Twelve Supreme Court Cases Radically Expanded Government and Eroded Freedom
Produced by the Center for the American Experiment
By Robert A. Levy
September 2009

They Want to Erase Us Out:  The Faces of Eminent Domain Abuse in Texas
By Matt Miller
January 2009

Not for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide to Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse

California Scheming: What Every Californian Should Know About Eminent Domain Abuse
March 2008

50 State Report Card: Tracking Eminent Domain Reform Legislation since Kelo
August 2007 - Updated 2013

Dreher and Echeverria: Disinformation & Errors on Eminent Domain A Response to Kelo’s Unanswered Questions
January 2007

A False Sense of Security: The Potential for Eminent Domain Abuse in Washington
By William R. Maurer
December 2006

Opening the Floodgates: Eminent Domain Abuse in a Post-Kelo World
By Dana Berliner
June 2006

Redevelopment Wrecks: 20 Failed Projects Involving Eminent Domain Abuse
June 2006

Myths and Realities of Eminent Domain Abuse
June 2006

Kelo v. City of New London: What it Means and the Need for Real Eminent Domain reform
September 2005

Policing and Prosecuting for Profit: Arizona’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws Violate Basic Due Process Protections
By Tim Keller
November 2004

Public Power, Private Gain: A Five-Year, State-by-State Report Examining the Abuse of Eminent Domain
By Dana Berliner
April 2003

Government Theft: The Top 10 Abuses of Eminent Domain
By Dana Berliner
March 2002



Perspectives on Eminent Domain Abuse

Independently authored reports published by IJ
The Truth About Times Square
By William J. Stern
April 2009 

Simplify, Don't Subsidize: The Right Way to Support Private Development
By Doug Kaplan
June 2008

Baltimore's Flawed Renaissance: The Failure of Plan-Control-Subsidize Redevelopment
By Stephen J.K. Walters and Louis Miserendino
June 2008

Development Without Eminent Domain: Foundation of Freedom Inspires Urban Growth
By Curt Pringle, Mayor of the City of Anaheim
June 2007

Eminent Domain & African Americans: What is the Price of the Commons?
By Mindy Thompson Fullilove, MD
February 2007



Scholarly, Law Review and Policy Articles

Articles by IJ legal and policy experts
Testing O'Connor and Thomas: Does Eminent Domain Target Poor and Minority Communities?
By Dick M. Carpenter II and John K. Ross
Urban Studies, Volume 46, Number 11, 2009


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