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r4s-invite-flyer 2014 final
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9:30-10:00 Registration and breakfast
10:00-10:30 Welcome
10:30-11:20 Making the Dough Rise: Funding Your Business

Featuring Amy Le of Saucy Porka, Dimitri Syrkin-Nikolau of Dimo's Pizza, and Galen Williams of Skyy Greens

11:20-12:10 Prep Station: Setting Up Relationships

Featuring the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship

12:10-12:40 Lunch
12:40-1:30 Networking
1:30-2:00 Breakout sessions (choose one)

Telling Your Story: Marketing your Business to Customers
Featuring LaForce Baker of Moon Meals

Not too Many Cooks in the Kitchen: Sharing Space
Featuring the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship

Ingredients List: Food Labeling
Featuring the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship

2:00-2:05 Switch sessions
2:05-2:35 Breakout sessions (choose one)

Humble Pie: Rejection and Persistence
Featuring Devin Kidner of Making Chicago Home

Let's Get Rolling: Starting a Mobile Food Business
Featuring the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship

Teflon Business: Choosing an Entity
Featuring the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship

2:35-2:40 Switch sessions
2:40-3:30 Farm to Table and in Between: Creating a Local Supply Chain

Featuring Greg Gunthorp of Gunthorp Farms and TJ Callahan of Farmhouse

3:30 Closing remarks


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