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March 31, 2015
Washington Post
Holder announces new limits on civil asset forfeitures
Attorney General Eric H. Holder announced new curbs Tuesday on the government’s use of civil asset forfeiture laws...   More

March 31, 2015
Des Moines Register
Critics: Poor accounting can lead to forfeiture fraud
Not all the cash or other property seized by Iowa law enforcement agencies makes its way into police evidence rooms...   More

March 31, 2015
St. Paul Pioneer Press
McGrath, Forbes: Let innocent victims reclaim their property
Can law enforcement seize an innocent person's property? If you think the answer is no, just ask David Laase...   More

March 30, 2015
Veterinary Practice News
Texas Web Vet Loses Court Appeal
Internet veterinarian Ronald Hines, DVM, Ph.D., isn’t ready to surrender after an appeals court ruled Friday that his constitutional rights were...   More

March 30, 2015
Des Moines Register
Iowa forfeiture: Forfeiture spending questioned in Iowa, elsewhere
Scented candles, mulch and tropical fish are among the purchases Iowa law enforcement agencies have...   More

March 30, 2015
Des Moines Register
Iowa forfeiture: A 'system of legal thievery'?
Tired of working minimum-wage temporary jobs in his hometown of Chicago, Michael Sanchez-Ratliff...   More

March 28, 2015
Santa Fe New Mexican
Our View: Stop policing for profit in New Mexico
So much bad happened during the recent 60-day legislative session that there has been little time to comment on what good did result...   More

March 27, 2015
FOX News
Mississippi lawmakers OK vouchers for special-needs students at faith-based schools
Parents with special-needs kids in Mississippi could soon use taxpayer dollars to send them to...   More

March 25, 2015
New Mexico Nixes Civil Asset Forfeiture: Leviathan Can Be Defeated
It’s spring, and just as the appearance of shoots and buds makes you optimistic that winter is departing...   More

March 25, 2015
Wall Street Journal
Legislation to Curb Civil Forfeiture Advances in States
Georgia lawmakers are set to vote on legislation intended to rein in the state’s civil forfeiture procedures...   More