NSVI- Spokane Vending



Spokane County has 85 mobile food vendors.  But right now, Spokane doesn’t have an ordinance that specifically regulates food trucks and carts.  Instead, it has a statute for “itinerant vendors.”  To legally sell, mobile vendors need both a permit and a temporary business registration for their business.  The latter lasts only 90 days.

Itinerant vendors can operate in any zone, but they can only stay in a public right of way (e.g. streets) for 10 minutes. 

But vendors could soon have more locations to roam free.  A proposed ordinance would allow food trucks to vend in public rights of way and on private property downtown and in commercial and industrial zones.




Want a FREE “Legalize Street Food” sticker for your food truck or cart?  Email activism@ij.org. Make sure to include whether you'd like a slate gray or sangria colored decal.



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