Christina Walsh
Director of Activism and Coalitions

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Christina Walsh serves as the Institute for Justice's Director of Activism and Coalitions.  Through her outreach efforts and grassroots organizing nationwide, she fights for property owners to keep what is rightfully theirs; parents to choose where their children go to school; entrepreneurs' right to make an honest living; and the average citizen's freedom to speak.

Prior to expanding our grassroots efforts to all four of the Institute's litigation pillars, Walsh traveled the country, educating and organizing property owners and activists whose homes and businesses were threatened by eminent domain for private gain.

Through community meetings, rallies, protests, workshops and strategic grassroots and legislative campaigns, Walsh has successfully organized home and small business owners from coast to coast, from New York City to Chicago to California, to defeat the unholy alliance of tax-hungry government officials and land-hungry, wealthy developers.

Walsh has forged and cultivated strong alliances and coalitions at the state and national levels that span the philosophical spectrum.  She continues to apply those same grassroots techniques to the Institute’s fights for economic liberty, free speech and school choice.

Walsh also provides legislative support to Congress and testifies before state and local lawmakers, manages and coordinates Perspectives on Eminent Domain Abuse, a series of independently authored reports published by the Institute for Justice that examines the issue of eminent domain.

Walsh’s views and writing have been published and appeared in print, on-line and television outlets across the country, including Fox News, ABC News, The Huffington Post, The Daily Caller, The Washington Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Christina received her undergraduate degree in Political Theory from the University of Virginia in 2004, and joined the Institute upon graduation.

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