Isaac Reese


Assistant Director of Production & Design

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As IJ’s Assistant Director of Production and Design, Isaac Reese contributes to the creation of the Institute’s award winning publications, websites and video productions.

Isaac’s work on the Castle Coalition’s training DVD “Not For Sale: A Comprehensive Guide to Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse,” helped earn the 2007 Davey Award.

He laid out and designed the cover for the Institute for Justice’s 2007 Hermes Creative Award winning study, “Opening the Floodgates: Eminent Domain in a Post Kelo World.”

His web-design work on the website helped it win a Web Award for outstanding achievement in website development in the “Non-Profit Standard of Excellence” category and a W3 Silver Award.

His design work on the Eminent Domain Abuse Survival Guide helped it to earn the 2007 Apex Grand Award for Publication Excellence.

In his free time, Isaac enjoys cycling, running, rock climbing and photography.

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