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Johanna Talcott is an attorney with the Institute for Justice Florida Office.

Johanna began her legal career with Pacific Legal Foundation, where she defended people against overreaching state and federal administrative agencies. In her life before the law, she worked and studied as an archaeologist of Florida prehistory. Inspired by a later-in-life introduction to the principles of liberty—and the work of strategic litigators defending constitutional rights—Johanna left her PhD program to apply to law school. Nowadays, she digs individual freedom and robust property rights.

Johanna earned a B.A. from the University of Florida, an M.A. from Penn State University, and graduated cum laude from the Florida International University College of Law. She was the Executive Managing Editor of the FIU Law Review, President of the Federalist Society, Vice President of the Federal Bar Association, and a member of the moot court team. Along with working as a law clerk for one year at IJ Florida, she interned for three exceptional judges: the Honorable Adalberto Jordan of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the Honorable Frank Shepherd of Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals, and the Honorable John Schlesinger of Florida’s Eleventh Judicial Circuit.

Johanna is licensed in California and Florida.

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