Ricard Pochkhanawala


Research Attorney

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Ricard Pochkhanawala analyzes legal and other authorities in researching and writing about constitutional law issues, including those relating to practices by state and local governments and courts.

Ricard graduated with honors in political science from Duke University, and earned his law degree from The Washington University in Saint Louis School of Law. He was a judicial extern at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. Ricard has written on constitutional history, interpretation, and the Bill of Rights.

Before joining the Institute for Justice, Ricard was a litigation and research lawyer at American and international law firms in Canada. Ricard briefed cases on the merits and on applications for leave to appeal (certiorari) to the Supreme Court of Canada and the Courts of Appeal. He is a member of the bars of Ontario and British Columbia.

Ricard grew up in Dubai, where his parents were based at the time.

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