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Street Eats, Safe Eats: How Food Trucks and Carts Stack Up to Restaurants on Sanitation
Download Streets of Dreams: How Cities Can Create Economic Opportunity by Knocking Down Protectionist Barriers to Street Vending
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Food-Truck Freedom: How to Build Better Food-Truck Laws in Your City
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About the National Street Vending Initiative

Through its National Street Vending Initiative, the Institute for Justice works to defeat anti-competitive restrictions that violate the constitutional rights of street vendors to earn an honest living.  This initiative combines litigating against these restrictions in state and federal courts, helping vendors organize in order to fight these restrictions through activism, and educating the public about the importance—both economically and socially—of street vendors. 

Are you a vendor whose business is being hurt by protectionist laws? We can help. Email to join our fight to legalize street vending in your city.


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How Do Food Trucks and Carts Stack Up to Restaurants on Sanitation?

A new IJ report, Street Eats, Safe Eats: How Food Trucks and Carts Stack Up to Restaurants on Sanitation, suggests that food trucks and carts are just as safe and clean as restaurants—often more so.

IJ analyzed several years of food-safety inspections from seven major American cities, and in every one food trucks and carts did as well as or even better than restaurants. Those cities were Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

To request free copies of the report, “Street Eats, Safe Eats” stickers or a poster for your truck, please e-mail with your mailing address.



Legalize Food Carts in Chicago

Did you know that sidewalk vendors in the Windy City are not allowed to sell any food other than raw, uncut produce or frozen desserts? That means no tamales, no corn on the cob—not even a Chicago-style hot dog! Vendors live in fear of being caught for earning an honest living. Some have even been arrested for selling tamales to their neighbors in Little Village.

The Street Vendor Justice Coalition and the Institute for Justice have introduced a reform proposal to the city council, and you can help by telling the aldermen that greater lunch-time options are the tasty and constitutional way to go. Don’t forget to use #MyStreetsMyEats when showing your Twitter love!

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Judge issues ruling that could mean vendors can return to work; city disagrees The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (July 2, 2013)




Street Fight: Food Trucks vs. Restaurants Wall Street Journal (August 9, 2012)


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In food truck fights, libertarian law firm takes a stand The Washington Post (August 18, 2011)

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My Streets, My Eats Mobile Food Symposium panels




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