As of July 2018, bakers in the Bluegrass state can fire up their ovens and legally sell cottage foods—safe, shelf-stable foods made in their own home kitchens—directly to consumers. Thanks to H.B. 263—and to the efforts of passionate home bakers across the state, who joined together to create a coalition, Kentucky Home Bakers, in support of food freedom—cottage-food operators can earn an honest living chasing their dreams.

Under Kentucky’s previous “home-based processor” law, these home-baking opportunities would not be possible, as only farmers or those who personally grow their own main ingredients were permitted to sell safe, homemade goods like cakes or cookies.

But now, all home bakers in Kentucky, not just farmers, are free to make and sell cottage foods. Together with IJ’s activism team, Kentucky Home Bakers put together media campaigns and helped draft reform legislation. Ultimately, through their efforts, bakers earned a huge win in April 2018, as H.B. 263 passed through the state legislature with unanimous support and was signed into law by Governor Bevin.

As a result of this common-sense reform, the cottage food industry in Kentucky can grow and flourish. And anyone with a recipe and an oven can safely start a business, serving delicious homemade goods to customers while providing for their family.