In Maryland, tasty reform has arrived—thanks to the efforts of passionate home bakers across the state fighting to earn an honest living!

Signed by Governor Hogan in June 2018, H.B. 1106 allows cottage-food producers to sell their perfectly safe and delicious goods—like cookies, cakes, and jams—outside of farmers markets.

Previously, entrepreneurs were limited by a venue restriction that only allowed them to sell at farmers markets, preventing sales of non-potentially hazardous food online or from the home. This made no sense: the same exact cookie doesn’t become less safe because it is sold online instead of from a farmers market. Instead, the restriction merely placed unfair burdens on the sale of homemade products and made running a cottage-food business nearly impossible for entrepreneurs with big dreams but little capital.

That’s why the Institute for Justice partnered with cottage-food producers throughout Maryland to organize and change the law! Through grassroots trainings and a robust presence on social media, and by attending legislative hearings in support of reform, Maryland’s home bakers joined a growing national movement in favor of food freedom.

Now, with the passage of H.B. 1106, Maryland home bakers can look forward to running their businesses, scrumptiously serving their communities.