Teeth Whitener Freedom Act

Exempting Teeth Whiteners from Dental Licensing Laws

Teeth whitening is a common and safe practice that has been enjoyed by literally millions of people worldwide. It also offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to support themselves and their families, start their own businesses and become their own bosses.

Most often, teeth-whitening services offered by non-dentists consist of nothing more than selling an over-the-counter teeth whitening product, providing customers with instructions on the use of that product, and providing a clean, comfortable environment for customers to apply those products to their own teeth, just as they would at home. Yet, to offer these services, teeth whiteners in many states must become fully licensed dentists, a process that requires eight years of higher education and costs tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Teeth whitening is safe and, more importantly, the minimal risks of teeth whitening—which include temporary tooth and gum sensitivity—do not vary up or down based on whether a customer applies those products to their own teeth at home, which is legal everywhere, or applies those products to their own teeth at a mall or salon, which is outlawed in many states. That’s why the Institute for Justice advocates for the removal of these senseless restrictions. IJ’s model teeth-whitening bill is based on the day-to-day practices of teeth whiteners and the best language from states that have legalized non-dentist teeth whitening.

Read more about teeth whitening in IJ’s report at https://ij.org/report/white-out/

Model Legislation


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