Have you been fined an excessive amount or ticketed for trivial matters?

Fines and fees abuse by local governments, including excessive fines and fees for code violations, is becoming a common way for many cash-strapped governments to raise revenue.  Instead of protecting the lives and rights of their residents, these municipalities and counties are using their residents to make up for shortfalls in their budget and revenue.

The Institute for Justice has started to help these residents fight back against these excessive fines and fees.

The Institute for Justice may be able to help you if you have received excessive fines, tickets, or court fees related to:

  • Your operation or ownership of your car;
  • Code enforcement on your home;
  • Impoundment of your car;
  • Parking tickets or fees that may have made you unable to obtain a license or permit; or
  • Inability to participate in a legal proceeding due to lack of notice of the proceeding or as a result of having been prevented from being able to present testimony or evidence.

If you’ve been impacted by any of those, please use the form below to submit your case. The Institute for Justice will contact you in 30 days if we can review your case.