Can I get a license if I have a criminal record?

[ij_location] requires that a person needs to get a license to work in many jobs—and not just for doctors and lawyers. Even middle class and blue-collar jobs, like security guards, cosmetologists, barbers, EMTs, and certain types of contractors need a license to work in [ij_location]. And if you have a criminal record, you may have a difficult job getting a license.

This is unfair. If an employer or customer wants to hire you, it shouldn’t matter if you have a criminal record. Multiple other states have changed their laws to make it easier for people with a criminal record to get a job. But according to a recent report by the nonprofit organization the Institute for Justice, [ij_location] still has a long way to go in how easy they make it for those with a criminal record to get a license. Learn more about [ij_location]’s grade here.

Are you having trouble getting a license to work because of your record?

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