Please join our effort to free bridal hair and makeup artists from burdensome, irrational rules that threaten the livelihoods of hundreds of people in the state.

In Minnesota, if you want to do a bride’s hair and makeup before her wedding, you need two licenses and a special event services permit, which require thousands of hours of training. But if you offer those same exact services for a bridal photoshoot, you don’t need a license whatsoever.

For years, bridal hair and makeup artists worked safely in Minnesota without any license or permit under an exemption the Minnesota Cosmetology Board created for beauty services “for photography.” But in late 2019, the Board changed its interpretation of its rules and clarified that hair and makeup services for weddings are licensed. The Board also fined artists for working without the required licenses and permit and forced them to shut down, causing fear that many artists could lose their ability to work and provide for their families.

Simple hairstyling and makeup artistry are safe practices that many people do every day. Minnesota should not be creating unnecessary barriers to earning a living. We are working at the state legislature to pass a bill that protects artists’ jobs and businesses and need your help!

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PC: Minnesota Bridal Hair and Makeup Artists

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