Do you want to start an educational program but your state or local government won’t let you? The Institute for Justice may be able to help.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power—and education is empowering. But some Americans lack access to quality public schooling, or to educational opportunities that would fit their families’ needs. Other families simply believe they can educate their children better than the government can.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, some parents turned to unconventional methods of education, such as hybrid homeschool programs, “micro schools” or “learning pods,” for help. 

At first, it seemed that government might allow greater freedom to these entrepreneurial educators. Unfortunately, some states and local governments are now making these educational models unreasonably difficult, if not impossible.

Some cities and counties have instituted regulations that severely burden educators and small startup programs.  These burdens include unreasonable licensing requirements and bans on educational programs that operate out of a private home.

Or they might refuse to recognize the accreditation of an unconventional educational program—even when the accreditor is on an approved governmental list. 

These requirements might work for larger schools, but when applied to new and unconventional models, they can be prohibitive. As a result, educators, parents, and their children all lose out on new and innovative learning opportunities.

Would you like to start a new educational program, such as hybrid homeschool instruction, but your state or local government won’t let you? 

Is the government trying to shut your program down? 

Are you a parent who would like to enroll your child in an unconventional educational program, but the government is making that difficult or impossible for you? 

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As the nation’s premier defender of parents’ educational choice, the Institute for Justice has secured multiple victories before the United States Supreme Court and elsewhere.

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