Right now, the South Carolina Cottage Food Law allows home made food producers like you to sell only candies and non-potentially hazardous (NPH) baked goods directly to the consumer.

Although the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has expanded the types of NPH foods that can be sold (e.g., jams and jellies), these regulatory standards can change as soon as a new regulator is in charge, and many NPH foods are still not allowed.

To secure and broaden the right to sell NPH foods beyond candies and baked goods, we want the South Carolina Legislature to include ALL NPH foods in the Law. Many states allow any NPH foods to be sold under state cottage food laws. A good example of a state that allows any NPH foods to be sold by homemade food producers is Minnesota, and you can find their list of approved NPH foods here.

And almost half of the states, including North Carolina, allow people like you to sell your homebased products to retailers, like coffee shops and grocery stores. South Carolinians shouldn’t be missing out. That’s why we want the SC Legislature to allow you to be able to sell to retail shops too.

If you are a South Carolinian home-based food producer and would like to sell NPH foods beyond what the state currently allows, please fill out this form and describe how selling foods other than NPH candies and baked goods and being able to sell to retailers would benefit you!

We will compile all responses and show them to the Legislature so they can understand how important this opportunity is for the community.

To find out more about your rights to sell homemade food in South Carolina, visit us here.