Are you being retaliated against by an IRS agent or other federal government official?

The Institute for Justice is a non-profit, public interest law firm dedicated to upholding Americans’ constitutional rights. We are interested in speaking with upstanding citizens who are being targeted by federal government officials in retaliation for the exercise of your constitutional rights, like freedom of speech.

If you are being unjustly retaliated against by the Internal Revenue Service, Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or another federal administrative agency, we want to hear from you to determine whether there is anything we can do to help you.

Since 1991, the Institute for Justice has come to the aid of individuals who want to do the simple things that every American has the right to do—including speak freely about commerce or politics, own property, and start a business—but can’t because they find the government in their way.

We fight on behalf of those individuals who are denied their constitutional rights.

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