The government has the power to enact zoning laws, or create different “zones” for different types of property uses. Once these zoning laws are in place, the government may sometimes wish to change them. This is called “rezoning,” and it can cause major problems for property owners who may have already purchased property, built structures, or opened a business—only to learn later on that they have been rezoned and their use is no longer legal.

If you have experienced any of the following, you could be the victim of government rezoning:

  • You have been told your property has been classified as a “non-conforming” use;
  • You have been told that you may continue using your property, temporarily, but have been given a deadline by which you must bring the property into compliance with the new zoning laws;
  • You have been told that you will now need a special use permit (SUP) or a zoning variance to continue to use your property; or
  • You have been told that your property is being “amortized,” which means that you have been given a specific period of time to recoup your financial investment in your property before you must bring it into compliance with the new zoning laws.

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