Do you have a useful skill that you’d like to teach people, to help them earn an honest living?

Bob Smith teaching a student
Bob Smith and a student at Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School.

We are the Institute for Justice and we have spent 30 years fighting for your rights against burdensome bureaucracy. As a non-profit law firm, we’ve represented and won cases on behalf of people using their First Amendment right to teach. Take Tracy and Jon McGlothian, for example. The McGlothians opened a school in Virginia to teach people how to sew and project manage respectively. We defended their right to teach valuable life skills and won. Similarly, we’ve fought for people to learn a trade. Bob Smith opened a horseshoeing school in California to help countless people learn a valuable trade. When over-stepping government came to shut his school down, we successfully defended his right to teach.

Like the McGlothians, are you struggling to cut through the legal red tape imposed on people who want to teach useful skills? Have you been discouraged from even starting to teach because the regulations are so burdensome?

We at the Institute for Justice may be able to help. We have brought cases establishing that the First Amendment protects your right to teach.