Steph Zink

Steph lives in Milwaukee County with her husband and two small children. Steph thought she could help support her family by selling her homemade, oven-baked, shelf-stable granola. Notwithstanding the 2017 judicial exemption for shelf-stable baked goods, Wisconsin required Steph to obtain a license and use a commercial kitchen. Steph did just that, but the costs of the license and commercial kitchen became too much to bear.

Steph would like to sell the granola that she makes in her own home kitchen, which is not only free to use but also allows her better flexibility in caring for her children.

  • February 11, 2021    |   Economic Liberty

    Selling homemade foods is a great way to support your family—unless you’re in Wisconsin. Wisconsin bans the sale of many homemade foods, including common and shelf-stable foods like candies, chocolates, granola and roasted coffee beans. For those who would dare sell, say, a piece of fudge made in their home kitchen, the punishment includes up…

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