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Carriece Jefferson

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Crafty Hands Club Magazine gives crafters from all walks of life a chance to share their stories. The magazine's focus is to create opportunities for local crafters (collaborations, events, craft camps, and job opportunities). I grew up in Brainerd Park and was fortunate to be in programs that provided opportunities and helped develop the skills and knowledge I have today. I want to help change the narrative about Chicago’s southside, and Crafty Hands Club highlights stories of crafters that reside in neighborhoods that don’t get any recognition. The mission is to tell 100,000 stories worldwide and connect crafters one story at a time.  

I grew up as a Girl Scout and either a craft project or a task demonstrating leadership/entrepreneurial skills was required to obtain badges. Crafts allowed me to be myself fully without feeling judged or socially excluded, and in addition to crafting, I developed a love for writing. Later in life, I returned to crafts and received the same joyful feeling I did as a kid.

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