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I drilled artist Bernard Williams with questions about his experience when he visited my History of Mural
Painting class in my final semester at the Art Institute. I took the opportunity to pull out my portfolio and
show it to him on the way to see one of his murals. Two months later I was his assistant. As a mural artist
I saw that I had an opportunity to inspire neighborhoods and communities. Along with building my
painting skills I also took classes at the SBA to get a more business-like mentality knowing that most
people who graduate from art school do not make a living as an artist. I recall having a conversation with
the head of an arts organization who told me there was no way I could make a living as an artist while
creating inspirational content. Years later here I stand.

My studio is in South Shore, as well as a slew of murals I created on the South Side. My
themes, designs and quality are unmatched by my peers. I love to show black men as fathers, and black
love and imagery that are filled with optimism. I love creating beautiful mosaics that will be a cultural
marker for small businesses when increasing foot traffic. Damon Lamar Reed LLC is that butterfly that
flaps its wings on the South Side and changes the whole world. We shine!!!

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