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Delivering Liquor, Food and Essentials to the Boating Community

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South Loop
Terri Evans

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My entrepreneurship journey started in 2018 with Windy City Ribs & Whiskey, a restaurant located in the heart of the South Loop.  The pandemic forced me to be creative and find ways to drive additional revenue to the restaurant so that we could still keep our doors open.  Needing to find additional ways to increase revenue, I founded Dockside Delivery which services the Harbor and boating community. The boating community grew during the pandemic and this niche market was looking for ways to still get together during the shut down. We offered the platform to other restaurants in the South Side community that were also looking to increase sales during a time when restaurants where hit with a 80% drop in revenue. We have since transitioned to a "ghost kitchen" format still offering a variety of menu options but with the ability to control the customer response time on orders.

Dockside Delivery allowed me to keep our doors open to the restaurant and has since created an additional business that has the potential to outgrow the restaurant in revenue.  We are excited to continue to shine in our community because there is no business that is targeting this niche market and servicing the harbors in this unique way. We are currently servicing the 10 Harbors in Chicagoland with over 6,000 slips and hope to expand by 2023 to both Wisconsin and Michigan.

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