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McKinley Park
Jasmyne Rudan

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As a little girl, growing up on the Southside of Chicago I attended Beasley Academic Center and it was there that music found me. Through a trial after school group piano class that has now journeyed me to this application. I was the lucky student who just knew how to play, and was granted the opportunity of 1 on 1 instruction through my elementary school matriculation
that led me to life changing performances, experiences and my future. An experience I'll never forget is opening for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 7th grade & my teacher who was also the gym teacher took our whole class as a field trip to see me perform. It was some students' first time Downtown, none of my classmates had ever been to the Symphony Orchestra Hall. It was at that moment I knew exactly what I wanted to dedicate my life to.

Opportunity is lacking in our community & it has become my life mission to share the gift of music I found as a little girl. The GMA student body consists mainly of southside students and teachers! We've held events with Southside businesses for our students, communities and culture. I'm dedicating my lifetime to this work, to give the opportunity that was given to me to as many as I'm able to in the same stomping grounds where I grew. For me to be the 1 of 1,200 is mind blowing! It means the world to me that I'm able to change the trajectory of someone's; specifically Southside Chicagoans, lives by following through with my personal mission is enough for me in this lifetime.

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