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Many years back I was coming home late at night and surprised a would-be burglar at my back door, he surprised me with a punch to the face and ripping my chain off my neck. This has always haunted me, and as a single mother of three girls I was always cautious around dark spaces and kept a well-lit doorway, but this was never enough when anxiety loomed while trying to get the key in the door and get in the house quickly. At the start of Covid, I delved a little deeper into a solution to the problem of direct light at the keyhole. There are various options, and I've tried most of them with little success.

I took it upon myself to offer a better solution, I took apart lights, prototyped my idea, found a factory in China and have a retail-ready solution that is eco-friendly. I have a utility patent and began selling as of 2022. I am very proud to call the Southside of Chicago my home and have had a great response from local neighborhood watch groups and have donated my product at meetings. All my daughters have helped with package design and marketing throughout my journey, my middle daughter is autistic and has been trying to learn the process. My hope is to be able to offer more job opportunities to those with disabilities and the underserved members of our community. My main manager has a felony record and is my inventory specialist. Through HALO Life light, I believe in offering opportunities to those willing to do the work and keeping you safe at night.

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