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Karen Roberts


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Jus Sandwiches started on Feb 1, 2016 when our first hot sandwich was made, the Royal Highness. After years of wondering if sandwiches could be a viable business, I took the plunge and turned my dream reality. Six years later, I have a stable sandwich company that continues to thrive. I started this journey on a whim after graduating from nursing school at St. Xavier University and then a month later becoming homeless. I had 2 small girls at the time and we didn't know where we would end up next. I ended back at my parents, where Jus Sandwiches started to become a reality.

I am a certified woman and minority owned business, making my own staple in the sandwich world. As a veteran, I continue to give back to many veteran organizations that support feeding the less fortunate.  Now I want to create a space that not only includes sandwich workers, but individuals who need a shared kitchen space, and who need the entrepreneurial training to get them off the ground.  Jus Sandwiches has become a great benefactor in the corporate catering world and the many individuals who order on a continual basis.

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